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Thank you for caring.


That’s the number of youth that have been provided much needed mental health support & services since SEWI’s inception. Your donation just helped ensure that number keeps growing!

Key findings from Mental Health America's 2023 report​ nearly 60% of youth diagnosed with depression go untreated and 1 in 10 youth with private insurance do not have coverage for mental or emotional difficulties. Mental health is just as important as physical health in young people’s development, but mental health services are under extreme demand. A 2022 Pew Research Center survey found that only about half of U.S. public schools offer mental health assessments, with even fewer offering treatment services.

That’s where SEWI comes in and fills the gap! We're making it easier for youth and their families to access services by bringing mental health and wellness services directly to their communities.

Your generosity means everything to us and those we serve. Thank you for being AWESOME! 

Breaking Down Barriers, Building Connections

"It was a wonderful experience and I felt that I had someone to support me and listen to me."

- SEWI Youth Client

“SEWI is one of the easiest agencies to partner with because they are so flexible, willing to see students who want to self consent, and don't have to deal with insurance billing. Their staff is communicative and supportive of our school's needs.”

- Staff at partner organization

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