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Social & Emotional Wellness Activities

Mental Health Awareness Activities 2024 Toolkit by SEWI

We created a Mental Health Toolkit with activities to support your mental wellness. The activities are easy to do and can be tailored for any age group. You can do this on your own, with your family, with a group at a school or after school program. We hope to bring a little wellness into your lives with this toolkit and that you’ll share it with all your people

Building Connections Toolkit by SEWI

Our young people are struggling to adapt to this ever-changing environment but one thing is for certain: the power of connections. 

Download our free Building Connections Toolkit for activities to try with your loved ones.

Emotional Check-In

Emotional checking in with ourselves, families and friends is so important. Sometimes it's difficult to express our feelings simply because we can’t find the right words.  Here are some tools to make checking in easier and fun!

Mindful Moments

Journaling prompts we created to help guide you as you reflect.

Practicing Gratitude

This activity can be done as part of a group or on your own to help bring focus on the things we have to be grateful for and ultimately bring a sense of wellbeing. 

Building Connections Questions
Here are questions you can ask youth, your team or family to help drive connection and openness

Control Worksheet

This activity can help you manage stress by identifying the things we can control and the things we can't; we empower ourselves to do something about things under our control and let go of those we can't control.

Stress Management Worksheet

Here is a worksheet that will help you break down what is stressing you out right now and when you can do something about it. 

Self-Care Assessments & Plans

We have created a self care planning worksheet that is adapted to the “safe at home orders.” We hope you take the time to think about how you are taking care of yourself. 

Self-Care Tips

Check out some quick tips to help put self-care into practice in our daily lives. 

Emotional Charades Activity

This icebreaker/team-builder is a perfect introductory activity to do with young people or with adult staff and other interested persons. Combining emotional recognition with emotion presentation, it allows individuals to get experience recognizing and expressing certain emotions and viewing how others may perceive a specific emotion.

Positive Self-Talk Worksheet

Here is a worksheet to help navigate that negative talk we have with ourselves and turn it into something more positive.

Grounding Techniques 
When the world seems to much for us to handle these grounding techniques can help us not feel so overwhelmed 

If you or a loved one needs extra support, please reach out to us at  

Social & Emotional Wellness Videos

Take 5 
A video on 3 social and emotional wellness activities that you can do under 5 minutes

The Butterfly Hug
A video on a grounding technique to help us feel centered and focused

Coping with Grief & Loss 
A video on how to cope with grief during the Covid-19 pandemic

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