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Mental Health Awareness Month

Breaking Barriers, Building Hope

Mental Health Awareness Month helps people recognize the ways mental illness impacts lives, educates individuals about available services, and the importance of advocacy—even for those not directly affected by mental illness. It's crucial for caregivers, friends, and loved ones to understand the daily impact of mental health. When people are better educated on these conditions, they can provide more effective support and assistance to someone dealing with a mental health issue.

To continue raising awareness this month, download our free mental health toolkit featuring simple activities that promote mental wellness. 

The Current State of Mental Health

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year, and only half of them receive treatment.

1 in 3 U.S teens say they do not have reliable access to mental health resources.

Nearly one in four adults reported needing mental health services or medication in the past 12 months but were unable to access them.

The most common barriers reported by youth and adults are cost, lack of or inadequate insurance coverage, and shortage of access to care.  

Accessible mental health support should be a standard, not a struggle

Ways to take action

Donate to our Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Help us reach our $20,000 goal to ensure that vital mental health services and resources are accessible to all, regardless of their financial situation or background.

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Our limited-edition MHA Bracelet by Edward Avedis Fine Jewelry is available only for the month of May. This stunning piece features gold-filled beads and 3 onyx green beads, representing the crucial stages of mental health: Awareness, Treatment, Support

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Wear green to show your support for mental health

Join us in creating a network of care that nurtures the mental wellbeing of youth, caregivers, and educators

Your generosity directly impacts our community by:

Providing FREE life-changing mental health services & resources to nearly 900 youth & more every year

Enriching the lives of youth through our comprehensive social and emotional wellness programs that foster lifelong mental health, resilience, and personal growth

Training over 1500 educators and youth development professionals to create supportive environments for youth

Equipping caregivers with the tools and knowledge to better support their loved ones' mental health journey

Be the spark of hope. Act now for the youth and families we serve.

Donate - Mental Health Awareness
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