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We’re making mental health and wellness services more accessible to youth and their families by meeting them in their communities & beyond.

How are we doing it?

We're closing the gaps in mental health services.

MSW Intern Program

We're closing the gaps by providing services with fewer barriers while training future social work professionals at the same time. 

Through our MSW intern program and partner organizations, we offer essential support services including, individual counseling services, group facilitation, social & emotional wellness interventions, to serve youth and families who might not have access otherwise. 

Interested in bringing our services to your organization? 

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Youth Testimonial

"... (my MSW intern) has been a true gift to me. She is professional yet it almost felt as if I was talking to a friend rather than a therapist which is something I was looking for in a therapist. I appreciated that she was culturally sensitive and I did not have to explain myself too much for her to understand what I was saying or feeling. She just knew. She was not trying to diagnose me. She was engaged and she listened to me. She helped me see my circumstances holistically and helped me come up with solutions..." 

We're creating opportunities to thrive.

Service Learning Trips

Through rich and diverse experiences and activities, youth are immersed in new cultures and situations where social & emotional learning can blossom.


Integrated activities based on Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies further enriches the experience and provides youth with an opportunity to grow outside of their typical communities.

More info coming soon!


youth testimonials

"Every teen should attend to have the chance to meet new people and discover leadership and new cultures." -Youth Participant 2019

"I enjoyed all the cultural facts that we were able to learn about Oahu and the Hawaiian community. I learned to have a different level of respect for the Islands and its amazing people."

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