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Bringing social & emotional wellness services to those who need it the most

Our Mission: to enhance the quality of life for youth and families by educating, motivating, and providing prevention programs through social and emotional wellness services.

Our Vision: youth, families and communities have access to diverse resources that empower youth to be resilient, confident and successful in their ever-changing environment.

Our Story

The Social & Emotional Wellness Initiative (SEWI) is a three-prong organization which strives to better the lives of the youth we serve, along with their families, their social & emotional wellness.

Originally born out of a Boys & Girls Club, SEWI has grown to become its own independent organization which serves the Greater Los Angeles County area by providing MSW Interns to youth serving organizations, training staff and other company employees, and developing curriculum to meet the needs of youth today.

SEWI prides itself on being a multifaceted organization and, whether you or your organization interacts directly with youth, we believe that we can help you achieve your goals through our training, curriculum, and internship programs.

our why

Nearly 1 in 3 youth are not getting the mental health support they need, and youth from lower-income households are even less likely to access critical social, emotional, behavioral support and mental health services.

Limited availability of staff resources, capacity, and adequate training for mental health support are ongoing barriers that disproportionately impact communities in need.

Unmet needs may result in later social, emotional, or behavioral challenges that can further exacerbate mental health issues, which negatively affects youth outcomes and opportunities. 

Our Approach


We're reducing barriers to access

Everyone deserves to feel empowered to reach their full potential. Through our partner organizations we close the service gaps by providing services with fewer barriers and train future social work professionals at the same time.

We're repairing fragmented delivery systems

Youth development professionals and educators agree that social emotional learning leads to better outcomes for youth overall success and wellness. We believe with the right tools, we can all make a difference together!

We're providing the building blocks for prevention

We are building a more equitable future for youth and families to thrive through our SEL curriculum prevention program. Our curriculum is affordable, accessible, easy to implement, and customizable to meet your unique needs! 

Our Core Values

Creating Safe Spaces - For all youth, families, staff and individuals we come in contact with.

Youth Focused - Keep youth needs and thoughts at the center of our work.

Social Justice - Creating equity for the youth, families and community we serve.

Passionate about Being Compassionate - Compassion and understanding of individual views, thoughts and feelings.

Diversity - Celebrate and promote diversity of people, ideas and actions, creating an inclusive community.

Grounded in Ethics and Integrity - In our choices, how we treat each other and all the work we do everyday.

Entrepreneurial Spirit - Take calculated risk to try different approaches to better support our youth, families and partners.

Creative Office

Meet our team, board members, and partners.

“SEWI is collaborative, attentive, client-centered, flexible, reliable, organized, innovative, and service-driven to meet the needs of the school”

Liz C., Mental Health Coordinator Olympic HS


Support our work

Help us build a more resilient and inclusive future for all.

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