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In honor of Black History Month, we have compiled a list of mental health and educational resources to support the Black communities. This is a non-exhaustive list of resources that we will keep adding to as we continue to celebrate Black History Month all year round. 

Black and African American Mental Health

Mental Health America

Learn more about Black mental health history, statistics related to the mental health of Black and African American communities and additional therapeutic resources here:


National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

Find a thorough list of Black mental health organizations and other supportive resources like tips for finding culturally competent care here:

Mental Health Coalition

Download a free guide for specific mental health support & resources for the Black community here:

Additional BIPOC Resources

Find a huge list of BIPOC resources, including podcasts, books, resources by the community, and more, for people seeking healing, wellness, and personal growth here:

This list is not exhaustive! If you know of another mental health resource for BIPOC communities, please share it with us. Email, using the subject line ‘BIPOC resource’ and send us all relevant information.


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