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We're planting the seeds for a more compassionate and equitable world through social and emotional learning 

Why social and emotional Learning (SEl)?

The mental health crisis is growing, especially among our young people

We know that building social and emotional skills is a proven preventative approach that can effectively reduce the risks of later mental health challenges, with many benefits such as:

  • Improved learning attitudes and mindset

  • Boosts mental health and wellness

  • Builds more empathetic and healthy relationships

  • Overall supports better outcomes across the lifetime 

We're on a mission to create more accessible & equitable resources to improve the social emotional wellness for all

Improving access to more social and emotional support resources for youth, their families, and youth staff/educators is critical -- But not all SEL programs are created equal or accessible. That is why we created our SELFY (Social & Emotional Learning For Youth) program with curriculum that is affordable and easy to implement to reduce the barriers and unmet needs for services that many of our youth and families face.

Selfy: social & Emotional learning for youth

SELFY is our a social and emotional support program that enriches youth with the tools and skills needed for positive identity development, healthy relationships, and greater overall mental health and wellness.  


We work directly with youth, educators and youth development professionals to develop curriculum that is relevant to the social and emotional challenges youth face today. Our SEFLY curriculum is designed to promote CASEL's 5 core  Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies (learn more here) through a series of workshops that engage youth through interactive team building activities, role-playing, and reflective discussions -- all while supporting support youth and adult facilitators in creating safe and inclusive learning spaces. 

Our curriculum

Affordable, easy to implement, and adaptable to your youth

what's included in selfy?

We have pre-designed curriculum available for grades 3-12 youth. Each curriculum comes with: 

A facilitation guide with flexible lesson plans & instructional materials​

Pre/post surveys to measure program impact and track youth progress

Video resources for youth and facilitator

*currently only available for elementary and teen

Online or in-person training available by request if you need additional support.

*inquire about costs

SELFY Cover Page.png

SELFY covers a wide range of topics social & emotional wellness topics that are curated to meet the unique needs of different stages of youth development. 

Topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Emotion labeling and regulation