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We need your help to build pathways for youth to thrive. 

Give the priceless gift of connection through accessible social & emotional wellness services.

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All youth deserve to feel recognized,  accepted and cared for. 

Youth are feeling more disconnected, hopeless, and alone now more than ever. Rates of anxiety and depression among youth (ages 13-17) have increased by nearly 30% since pre-pandemic times. It is estimated that over half (54%) of California students are in need of mental health services, yet 1 in 3 youth still don't have access to support for their mental wellbeing. 

SEWI is doing the work so that youth can feel connected and supported by caring adults. We are providing essential mental health services and resources to those that may not otherwise have access.
But we need your help.

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Give back this holiday season to our end-of-year campaign: 
Building Connections 

Your donation today will help youth stay connected to caring adults and mental health resources so they can thrive. 

"Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives..."

- Brené Brown

It's no secret that the connections we form with others shape who we are and our overall wellbeing. As youth are discovering who they are while learning how to navigate the world around them, having connections to caring and supportive adults help youth build the resilience and confidence to navigate the challenges of daily life.

But the reality is that we are living in a time of true disconnection and uncertainty, which has only worsened the mental health crisis among youth today. 
Our young people are struggling to adapt to this ever-changing environment but one thing is for certain: the power of connections.

Download our free Building Connections Toolkit for activities to try with
your loved ones.



youth received free mental health support


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We could not do this without your support. 

Thank you for making our young people feel like they matter and belong. 


Donate to our Building Connections Campaign.

You can help us continue to empower youth, their families, and our communities with the resources to be resilient, confident and successful in their ever-changing environment.

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