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Our Giving Tuesday / Holiday Giving campaign,

Creating Connections, Inspiring Hope 

is intended to increase awareness around the need for social and emotional wellness and includes ways you can support youth in our communities both directly and indirectly through the Social & Emotional Wellness Initiative.

Why our work matters

Over the past 3 years, the prevalence of Major Depressive Episode (MDE) increased from 8.66 percent to 13.01 percent of youth ages 12-17. Now over two million youth have MDE with severe impairment. And while more Americans are insured their coverage is lacking with only 28.2 percent of youth with severe MDE receiving some consistent treatment, and over 10 million adults still report an unmet need for mental health care.  Research indicates that the Covid - 19 Pandemic, the resulting economic recession and the ongoing struggles for racial equality have negatively impacted people’s mental health and created new barriers for people already suffering from mental illness. (sources, Mental health issues can make life unbearable for the people who have them. At the same time, these problems can have a wider effect on society as a whole, especially when they go untreated or treatment is delayed.

SEWI in action 

For the past 7 years, SEWI has stepped up to the challenge of providing mental health support and resources to our community members, specifically to the underserved.  SEWI is proud to collaborate and work with various partners throughout Los Angeles County to help fill a gap in mental health services to youth and families that are most in need.  Socio-emotional support builds people up during times of stress and often gives them the strength to carry on and even thrive. It is SEWI’s mission regardless of whether we can offer it in person or virtually to continue to enhance the quality of life for youth and families by educating, motivating, and providing prevention programs through social and emotional wellness services.  This year our campaign to Create Connections and Inspire Hope is aimed to help our community build support, self-worth and hope at a time where many are feeling hopeless and lost.  


Our responsibility to our community is essential but we can’t do our work without the generous support of compassionate individuals who know that mental health is key to improving quality of life. Join us in our campaign to Create Connections and Inspire Hope by donating today. 



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