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SELFY: Social & Emotional Learning For Youth

Middle School Edition 



150 Youth participated in the pilot from 8 after-school programs across the country and South Africa. 

Youth reported learning "I am strong in different ways.

"I can control my emotions easier" and "emotional safety is important"

Staff reported seeing youth getting along better and spending more time with each other outside of the SELFY program.

SELFY Cover Page.png

"I am so grateful to the SELFY program for providing our youth with a safe and consistent space to learn positive self expression and develop coping skills."

                                    -Ariel Krakowsky, MSW 

                             Director of Member Impact,

                  Boys & Girls Clubs of San Marcos

  • Sessions: 8​​

  • Session Length: 30 - 60 minutes

  • Impact: Comes with pre & post surveys 

  • Training: Online training to help you get started & additional support as needed.

SELFY is a social and emotional support program that focuses on health and wellness, mindfulness, and education through dialogue, open communication, and team building activities. Through utilization of CASEL's 5 Core Competencies in Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) - social awareness, self-awareness, responsible decision-making, self-management, & relationship skills - SELFY aims to promote health and wellbeing in young people by creating greater self and community awareness. With support from program facilitators, middle school age youth engage in activities that promote discussion, role-playing, and critical thinking to develop resilience, enhance communication skills, improve decision making, and cultivate greater connection to their own thoughts and feelings as well as others.

SELFY: Virtual Workshops

SELFY week 1 - Challenge Zone







Click here for mood meter

Click here for challenge zone circles  

SELFY week 2 - Me & Who







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Click here for Me & Who worksheet 

SELFY week 3- Snowflake Sharing 







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