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The Social & Emotional Wellness Initiative is proud to provide youth the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and communities as a sub-service of our Direct Youth Services program. Through rich and diverse experiences and activities, youth are immersed in new cultures and situations where social & emotional learning can blossom.

SEWI has provided numerous service learning opportunities to youth from our partner clubs to locations from Hawaii to South Africa.

SEWI is also proud to partner with local organization to lead summer youth camps, steeped in social & emotional wellness activities.

Please check back soon for more information about upcoming opportunities for youth in your communities.

"I enjoyed all the cultural facts that we were able to learn about Oahu and the Hawaiian community. I learned to have a different level of respect for the Islands and its amazing people."

                                  -Youth Participant

"Stay humble for what you have and when you work together as a team you can make miracles happen."

                      -Youth Participant

"Every teen should attend to have the chance to meet new people and discover leadership and new cultures."

                      -Youth Participant

Oahu Service Trip 2019

Service Learning Trips

Trip Registration Portal - Coming Soon!
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