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Our MSW Intern Program brings mental health and wellness services to youth and their families in the community where they already are. Through our partner organizations we close the service gaps by providing services with fewer barriers and train future social work professionals at the same time.

MSW Intern Program
Service Learning Trips

Through rich and diverse experiences and activities, youth are immersed in new cultures and situations where social & emotional learning can blossom. Integrated activities based on Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies further enriches the experience and provides youth with an opportunity to grow outside of their typical communities.

"This internship is where I learned what the difference between empathy and pity in which I grew in how to operate out of empathy."

-Clinical Intern 2017-2018

"Every teen should attend to have the chance to meet new people and discover leadership and new cultures."

                                       -Youth Participant 2019

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